Starplugs-Cyclone-Phaser 1.01

The Starplugs Cyclone-Phaser is a double stage 5.1 phaser
1.01 (See all)

The Starplugs Cyclone-Phaser is a double stage 5.1 phaser. The phasing effect will rotate in your complete surround bus , group or master section. You are able to set different rotation- and phasing-styles for each phaser-stage.
The rotationspeed of phaser-stage 1 and 2 is set by the sync–selector. Bar measures are midiclock-synced values. You are also able to select „free 1“ to „free 5“ for the first phaser-stage. Beside left and right circle-turn you have the choice of different cross- and random-jumping-modes for your phaser-stage.
The Starplugs cyclone series plugins are designed to autorotate signals and effects in your 5.1 circle. Cyclone - Rotation will wind up your audio material with spinning tracks. The Starplugs cyclone series is highly flexible but easy to handle.


- Win XP PC - 1GHz or higher
- Asio soundcard recommended VST-application (sequencer or audio software)

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